Monday, February 25, 2013

Digital Story: Take Two

Draft of digital story update: a bit late. Had to uninstall, reinstall, and work with Apple Tech Support on the phone for 1.5 hours to rectify issues with iMovie software. I know some of you had similar tech problems, so thought I would give that backstory.

I created this during our 3-foot dump of snow during the blizzard we had recently, and was dreaming of being back in Hawaii.

Like many of you, I hate my voice. The narration is clipped, so it has to be redone. I had some problems timing the narration to fit along with the photo timeline, so had to digress from my storyboard script and ad lip or pause in some wrong spots. Will also being considering another soundtrack. Skyped with middle school teacher from Honolulu last night, and she recommended several popular Hawaiian singers' songs to use. Need to look into that. In the meantime, used George Winston's "Living in the Country," from his album Summer that I downloaded from iTunes.

Still a work in progress, but also thinking might just move on to another digital story about another Hawaiian islands. 

How would I use this in my teaching? If I were still teaching junior high or high school English, I might implement these student projects: 

  • Create a story about one or more of your favorite places. Describe the place and tell why you like it. 
  • Take a digital story you created about your favorite place, and retell it adding dialogue. Get together with a partner and rotate speaking the lines, staying in the voice of specific characters.
  • Create a digital story about the city or town where you live. Be sure the story tells the viewer about the sites.  Post the story on your blog to share with students in another school who can then respond back.  
  • Create a digital story about the settings in works of literature we have read as class.

As for the second to last idea, sharing with another school, check this QuadBlogging project done by students in six varied countries:  Our World, Our Stories: School Day or The Local Environment.  Some of the students created videos to show others how and where they live.


  1. What I like best is that for students who are painfully shy in public speaking, the speaking can be done at home, in private, and in class they can just hit play. I'm not a fan of my recorded voice either, but I guess that's why I'll be a teacher instead of a musician :)

  2. The notion of space and and the power of place is unbelievably meaningful. I agree that this might be an ideal topic for a potential digital story. Your pictures are STUNNING, the pacing is appropriate, and the narration is spot on! Digital storytelling is a modern day literacy that requires many of the same skills (and more!) necessitated by traditional pen and paper responses. It takes a skillful digital author to select pictures, music, pacing, and appropriate narration to elicit a particular response from viewers.