Thursday, February 2, 2012

Twitter: Move On With It

Yes, Twitter takes some adjusting. This pictorial infographic says it well.

Are you ready to start your adventures on Twitter? Have you already? If so, what stage are you at?

Here's a quick news spot about how one teacher is using Twitter in the classroom:

In this NEXT video, we learn about a middle school English teacher uses Twitter with her students and parents.

Do you believe that is about time for teachers to get on board with using Twitter? What are your concerns? What do you see as the possibilities?

Once you do get on to Twitter, use the "search box," and enter any one of the hashtag resources found in this post "20 Hottest Hastags." You will see what prominent educators are posting and discussing. Feel free to lurk for awhile using such popular educational hashtags as #edchat #engchat 6thchat #ntchat, etc.

Are you yet convinced of the power for Twitter for professional development and finding resources for teaching? You need to begin to follow educators with similar interests as well as experts in the field. What more do you want to know about Twitter as a tool for educators and professional development?