Monday, February 25, 2013

RSS is Really Simple: Keep It Up

By now, you are a avid user of Real Simple Syndication (RSS) with Google Reader.

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In addition to peers' blogs that you follow through RSS, what other sources of information do you encourage educators to subscribe to via Google Reader?

Here's my list of some of my favorites in my RSS:

1) Free Technology for Teachers (regular updates about technology to use in schools and suggestions about how to use the selected technology; also can be subscribed to via Facebook)
2) iPad Apps for Schools (newer blog with updates regularly about iPad apps that are applicable in the school setting and recommended ways to use these apps; also check for the parallel blog on Android apps)
3) Edudemic (excellent all-around blog)
4) Cool Teacher Blog (Vicki Davis posts often and shares ideas for global collaboration and similar projects)
5) Educational Technology and Mobile Learning (updated often and also can be subscribed to via Facebook)
6) Van Meter Library Voice (school librarian who posts often about literacy, reading, cross-class projects, and much more)
7) Venspired (elementary teacher who runs programs for the gifted but post information relevant to all educators)
8) Class Tech Tips
9) Langwitches Blog (overall great resource for information on educational technology and literacy)
10) KB Connected
11 Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day (an ESL teacher from CA who posts all kinds of information relevant to teaching and learning--he posts nearly daily)
12) Blogging through the Fourth Dimension (Pernille Ripp is a great source of information for tips on blogging with students and the integration of technology to support learning)
13) Matt Gomez, Kindergarten Teacher (posts lots of good ideas for those who teach the lower grade levels)
14) Ozge Karaoglu Blog (brings a creative twist to sharing resources)

What sources of information do you recommend? What would you add to this list? Do you see the value in using Google Reader on a regular basis? Goal--use the folder feature in Reader to organize and sort your subscriptions by topics or areas of interest.

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  1. Judy,

    That is a good list of feeds to put in my RSS chain. I have a question: how, once we get quite a large list, can we segregate the feeds so it isn't just one big blob?

    1. Good thinking, Brian! I'm all about organizing and streamlining the tasks in my everyday life. I've included several trusted websites in my Google Reader, but I'm hesitant to include too many more for fear that the "clutter" will prevent me from using this platform effectively.

  2. I agree that Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is a great site to subscribe to. I highly recommend it; they have great links to infographics (a term that I learned from their site) that apply to the educational field and so many links and posts about teaching using technology. It's where I got many of my ideas for my blog!

  3. is another fantastic blog to follow. The blog offers amazing tools to use in the classroom with thorough descriptions, there are also new posts almost daily!