Thursday, February 23, 2012

Skyping with Alan November

Tracy Mercier tweeted out our Skype with Alan November. Later, she collected her tweets using Storify. I am embedding the Storify here to recap some of the points from the Skype. Feel free to comment.

Digital Stories Live On

Here are three more digital stories to get you thinking of ideas and how you might use digital storytelling in the classroom. All were created with PhotoStory 3.

The first was created by a 7-grade student for a social studies project. Each student in the class picked the name of an American Revolutionary War character from a hat. The student then needed to create a digital story about that person using PowerPoint, PhotoStory, or Movie Maker. The student selected PhotoStory.

The second video was created by an elementary school teacher to tell students about the life of Helen Keller based on a book they were reading about her.

The third video  was created to be used with middle school students to give them an eyewitness account of the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression. After viewing the stories, feel free to leave comments.

Do these videos give you ideas of how to integrate digital storytelling into your teaching? If so, what new ideas do you have?.