Friday, February 15, 2013

Have You Ever Forgotten Your Password

It's the weekend, so thought I'd pass along this video for your entertainment and reflection.

On a more serious note, what strategies do you suggest for remembering passwords?  What strategies do you suggest for keeping passwords secure? Do you teach your students about the importance of safeguarding their passwords?

Go Animate: Fun Digital Story Site

If you're looking for an easy-to-use digital storytelling tool that allows for animation, dialogue, selection of scenery, and other options, look no further than GoAnimate. I suggest everyone try it out this week or next. Here is a quick one that I created to send to my niece, whose birthday is today, Feb. 15. If your students can type even a few short sentences, they can make use of this digital storytelling tool. It can be used to assess student learning in a variety of disciplines or for students to make quick videos reflecting on books they have read or lessons they have learned.

I used the free version to make a 20-second video, but longer ones with more options can also be made with the free version. It is easy to embed the videos in blog posts and to share in other ways. Go ahead, and try out the site, GoAnimateand post your video in your blog or on your wiki to share with others.

I am thinking that just like Animoto, a GoAnimate should be a required project in the Integrating Technology and Literacy course. What do you think after trying the tool?

Birthday Wish by Judy A on GoAnimate

Animated Presentations - Powered by GoAnimate.

Here's another short one I just made.

Digital StoryTelling by Judy A on GoAnimate

Video Maker - Powered by GoAnimate.

I am actually thinking of upgrading to a pro account, but for now, my purpose was to introduce to you to this tool for making simple digital stories. Although I did not record my own voice, there is an option to do so in the program. If students were working together, they could easily role play a character and take turns doing the narration.