Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Read Across America

Looking for ideas for Reading Across America, not just this week, but all weeks, check some of these resources.

Five Ideas for Perfectly Booking Read Across America (from Scholastic): offers lots of creative as well as practical ideas to engage students in activities related to reading enjoyment. Here the blurb from the introduction to this page:

  • What Is Read Across America?
In 1998 the National Association of Education (NEA) held their first Read Across America on Dr. Suess’s birthday to raise awareness about the importance of children’s literacy. After all, if we have parades for winning sports teams and weeks to celebrate kindness, doesn’t reading deserve a day? Read Across America is now celebrated at schools, libraries, and community centers across the country every year. In this video from last year’s national Read Across America event, Michelle Obama and other honorees read Green Eggs and Ham to a group of 300 students.

Read Across America with Dr. Suess (from Thinkfinity): provides activities on Dr. Suess's book and  activities to do with families. 

Read Across America and Suess Day: Teachers' Best Lessons and Activities (short list from Teachers Net Gazette)

NEA Read Across America (classroom lesson ideas and activities, activities to do at home, interview with Mrs. Suess)

Song Created by 4th Graders to Celebrate 

Read Across America (Suzanne's Blog, lots of resources included in the links to the two Pinterest boards: Read Across America and Dr. Suess)

Cute Dr. Suess Videos (from Kelly's Blog)

Dr. Suess's Ideas (from Kelly's Blog)

Dr. Suess Cam (from Busy as a Bee in 1st Grade, Abbey's Blog)

Read Across America (from National Council of Teachers of English, ideas for grade levels, K-college)

Read Across America Day Celebrates Dr. Suess (from NCTE and International Reading Association, Read/Write/Think, lesson ideas and resources K-12) website
Differentiated Instruction: Reluctant and Striving Readers (from Scholastic): focuses on Scholastic's Storia program and how to use it to engage readers.

Check how one Connecticut school is celebrating Read Across America. Check the Used Books blog for this post about what Wamapogo Middle/High School is up to: "A Door is a Window." 

Also coming up, is World Read Aloud Day: find out more about this event at LitWorld

Tim Tebow Reads Green Eggs and Ham (YouTube)

And now for one of my favorite Dr. Suess lines


What additional ideas or sites do you suggest for Read Across America, not just this week, but every week?


  1. Judy, this post couldn't have been more timely! I just met with my teammates to quickly share materials for tomorrow's Read Across better believe I'll be forwarding them this link later tonight. The website has some helpful background info on Dr. Seuss, but I absolutely love Suzanne's blog with links to 2 Pinterest boards dedicated to the big day.

    On the agenda for tomorrow: cozy PJs, favorite books, guest readers, and maybe an introduction to digital storytelling! Depending on time/ digital constraints, I'd like to introduce my kiddos to LittleBirdTales as a means of exposing them to genuine authorship. Will keep you posted!

  2. Literacy definitely deserves a day for us to celebrate it. What I love about this post is how you included examples of celebrities reading from some Dr. Seuss books. I know the girls at my school love Justin Bieber! They'd be very engaged I'm sure listening to him read "The Cat in the Hat."

  3. Thank you for all the wonderful resources Judy! You really showed quite a range of material available for our use. Like Diana's students my little ones love Justin Bieber and would think it's pretty neat if he read to them! What I like best about your resources is that they don't simply tell you how to incorporate Dr. Seuss into your literacy block but they tell you how to use it in math, science, and more! Talk about true integration.

  4. In honor of Read Across America, Dr. Seuss appeared in my classroom a couple times throughout the day. We started off the day with a read aloud-Dr. Seuss's, The Lorax. In the time that it took me to read the story, each and every one of my students was eagerly awaiting the flip of the page to see what would happen next. Listening to Justin Bieber read aloud The Cat in the Hat was the perfect ending to our day. Thanks for such great resources!!

  5. What a great way to promote reading. Dr. Seuss books are classics that I remember when I was a kid. I like the message the campaign Read Across America is trying to accomplish. This is a great way for sports figures to conenct with their fans(students) to promote such a great cause like literacy. This could be beneficial at all levels of education. Literacy awareness is such an important cause so it should be celebrated all year long!