Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snowman Images

My hometown, Long Beach, NY, was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. It's a community with lots of spirit and support. I just caught this new effort. Although many are still homeless or are living in their homes while they undergo major renovations, I'm enamored by their creativity. Project 11561 is just one among many efforts to keep up the spirits of the people.   As Valentine's Day approaches, consider how you can run a similar contest in your classrooms and how you might visually represent the works of your students. 

Blogging Tips

Savanna chimpanzee in the office / Pan troglodytes
Blogging is for everyone - but there are some pitfalls. Photograph: Juniors Bildarchiv/Alamy
Yes, this picture grabbed my attention, but the post's title is what really caught by eye: Top 10 Don't for Wannable Teacher Bloggers . 

Check the post for some motivation to get going with blogging. 

Which advice in the post do you find the most helpful?

The Importance Of Using Images In The Classroom

The Importance Of Using Images In The Classroom is a short piece that reminds us of the power of images. Check the piece and the use of a famous painting, The Scream, to motivate the writing of a poem.

How are you using images in your classrooms? In reading blogs, do pictures draw you in?

Where would you rather be?

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