Friday, April 27, 2012

What I Learned

Students taking a course, ECMP 355, at the University of Regina, create at the end of the course a reflection piece on their learning. At the end of the semester, I check on a few. Some are posted here.

Here is one done with GoAnimate--enjoy!! This one is really funny and clever!

Well, I could post some more, but the point is that technology has allowed us to cross borders. Each semester, I check in with Alec's students to see what they are learning, and I learn from them. I even follow some of them on Twitter and follow their blogs using Google Reader.

Well, Alec, just posted another one to Twitter, so I am adding it because it is a bit different than the others. You need to see it through to the end to really appreciate it! To learn more about why the student, Matt, used stop-motion movie techniques, check his blog post: Summary of Learning

Okay, so I tweeted out to Alec that I posted his students' videos, and he tweeted back to check out this one, so here is another one:

Most of all, through technology, I don't need to move to Alberta, Canada, where University of Regina is, to learn what the students there are doing with tech. I just need to go to Tweeter and follow through. Even more so, I can now share with you what I discover. If you're on Twitter follow Alec @courosa

Let me know what you think of the students' testimonials.

Meghan's Students' Literacy Project

Here is the video of Meghan's students reading their stories.