Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Connecting Classes

Looking to connect your students with other students through blogging. If you teach grades 1 and higher, you should check this blog to make connections: The Comments4Kids.

Even if your students are not blogging, they can still comment on other students' blogs. The Comments4Kids blog posts information about classes who are looking for others to write replies to blog posts.

The Comments4Kids would also be a good blog to follow in your Google Reader. William Chamberlain, a middle school teacher, maintains the blog and updates it often.

Seeking Websites and Apps to Integrate Into Your Classroom

Check Jacqui Murray's resource pages for websites and apps. Click on the images below to access each of these. Let us know what websites or apps you find that you believe other teachers should know about. Let us know if you're using any of the recommended sites or apps. Which might you consider for the future? Note these resources are primarily for grades K-6, but some are applicable to other grades.