Thursday, January 26, 2012


VoiceThread is still one of my favorite web tools. You upload slides to it, and viewers can add written and audio comments, and even draw on the slides. VoiceThread is an excellent way to create digital stories. For a preview of the possibilities, check the VoiceThread digital library. In the library, you will find a good number of VoiceThreads to use. Try out some of them.

Here's a sample of one of the first VoiceThreads I found a few years ago. It demonstrates how the tool can be integrated into the elementary school classroom to complement an existing unit on the study of story writing. But it also shows how the technology can be used to create learning experience that otherwise would not be readily possible. I hope you enjoy the VoiceThread. There are plenty more to explore through the Voice Thread digital library.

Now that you have seen one example of a VoiceThread used with students, here is a VoiceThread that explains how the tool works:

 Here's a video to learn more about VoiceThread:

Michael Fort on VoiceThread from VoiceThread on Vimeo.

Also, check this blog post about using VoiceThread in the early childhood education. There are several embedded VoiceThreads right in the blog.

After learning more about VoiceThread, post your ideas about using it in the classroom. If you have seen some good VoiceThreads, please leave links to access them.