Monday, February 25, 2013

Calling All Bloggers?

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by liewcf

Now that you have been blogging for several weeks, the question is, how will you use blogging in your professional setting. Some questions:

  • Would you encourage students to blog?
  • Would you create your own blog for professional reasons (e.g., to share with parents, students, a professional audience of colleagues)?
  • Will you continue to read others' blogs?
  • Will you continue to use Google Reader to access blogs written by your favorite bloggers or to add subscriptions to new sources of information?
  • If you will use blogging with students, would you do this through a centralized class blog, or would you have students set up their own blogs?
  • If your students were blogging, would you consider cross-blogging with other classrooms?
  • If you have already set up your own blog or have had your students create one, do you mind sharing access to such?
  • What do you see as the future of blogging? How do you think the concept of blogging will change in the future?
  • Who are some of your favoriate bloggers? Are these teacher bloggers, or people in other roles?
  • What advice have other bloggers offered you that you find most useful for maintaining a blog and attracting readers?

Yes, those are numerous questions, but please consider those most pertinent to your needs, and share your ideas.


  1. While I feel comfortable blogging at this point, I'm not very comfortable integrating it into the classroom. I'm not sure I'm ready to manage 25 students blogging. My goal is to start my students blogging with each other and then to start and branch out a little at a time. I'm not opposed to collaborating with other classes in the future.

  2. I'm planning on continuing to work on my blog.I would like to set up a classroom blog but right now working in a kindergarten classroom with limited technology, doesn't seem to be the "right" time.My hope is that I will be able to begin the new school year with a classroom blog or, possibly a twitter account to keep parents in the loop.I would like to keep my blog for professional reasons/purposes and to keep in touch with the greater educational community.

  3. I think after continuing to use blogging, I will definitely use as a resource to follow other teachers and get ideas for lessons and projects. I think eventually when I am very comfortable I would like to set up a class blog where students can contribute and maybe even parents contribute to the learning environment. I can see it being helpful if a parent uses something we are learning for their career they can share that with the students. I think blogging will continue to expand and as long as students have access, they will start to grow up with it.