Friday, January 25, 2013

Trying Out Another Video Editing Site

Seeking alternatives to Animoto, I tried the WeVideo site tonight. This was a first attempt. On a second attempt, I recorded narration and removed the template.  I am still awaiting delivery of that video to my in-box, but in the meantime, here's the first draft for sharing. I had to change the dimensions to fit the video into the blog, but you can use the full-screen mode to blow it up.

My reactions to WeVideo are still mixed, but I was looking for options for those who don't have MovieMaker, iMovie, or another movie editing program on their computers. So I thought I would explore some online movie editing sites. Let me know of any good ones you've come across. If the second attempt comes out better than this one, I'll post it.

Our Digital Dossier: The World We Live In

  • What does it mean to grow up today in a world where much of one's life is captured digitally? 
  • Watch this video of a hypothetical person, Andy, from embryo onwards. 
  • What thoughts does the video leave you with?