Sunday, February 24, 2013

Audioboo: At the Zoo

My professional colleague, Wes Fryer, sent along this Audioboo by Rachel, "Flamingos at the Zoo." Rachel's voice reminds me of those talented kids you hear on television commercials. More to the point, Audioboo is a wonderful tool to use with students of all ages.

Here is Rachel's Audioboo. Let me know what you think. How can you see this tool, Audioboo, being used with learners of any age? How might it be used in different disciplines in the school at any grade level? What about teachers creating Audioboos? Have you used this tool?

listen to ‘Flamingos at the zoo’ on Audioboo

Note several other Audioboos on other animals at the zoo are also available, for instance:

Although this strikes me as excellent project for young children to demonstrate what they are learning about animals, the use of Audioboo also gives them practice with recording their voice and developing their oral communication skills.

Since writing this post in draft from, I have also learned that Rachel has her own websites where she has archived her other creations: 22 videos, several e-books, and  28 Audioboos. Here is the link to her website: Rachel Fryer. Click on the individual tabs at the top to get to her ebooks, audios, vidoes, and writing samples. Did I mention that Rachel is 10 years old? 


  1. Very cute idea! I will have to research more about audioboo. My students loved the digital storytelling project and this might be another great tool I can use with them to create videos.

  2. I'm starting to feel like a competent techie!My daughter came home from school on Monday and said she needed to create an audioboo. For a change, I knew what she was talking about and was able to show her your example! Thanks!