Sunday, September 15, 2013

So What Can Kindergarteners Do with Digital Tools

Matt Gomez, a kindergarten teacher in Texas, does amazing things with his students. Check his blog, and check this recent post about how he uses blogging with students. The post includes links to a variety of projects his students are doing.

Click on the image below to access the specific post:

If kindergarten kids can do all of these things with digital tools, think about what kids in general can do when teachers expose them to digital tools for learning and creating.

Here are  some screen captures from the post to give you an idea of what students are doing.

So what's your reaction to how the kindergarteners are learning with digital tools? After exploring Matt's blog and some of his posts, what have you been motivated to do with your students using digital tools?


  1. I love this blog! His use of educreations with his students to create the class mission statement was genius. What a great alternative to writing down the class rules at the beginning of the year. I bet his students were so motivated and invested in creating this project. I would love to include a similar video project at the beginning of the year to establish a class set of promises. I also love his post about beginning to integrate ipads with his kindergarteners within the first week of school. "Don't be afraid" he encourages teachers.

  2. I agree with Lindsay! I wish that my school and classroom had access to iPads because I would love to try this with my students. I checked out the web based version and I plan to use that when possible this year. However, as much as I love my little cherubs, using my personal MacBook might be pushing the limits.

  3. I really liked taking a tour through Matt's classroom. I always enjoy looking at how people choose to set-up their rooms and utilize their space because it gives me new ideas. I too find Wonderopolis an interesting website to use with my students and I like how Matt ties the website into his morning meeting. I think it's a great way to keep students engaged.

  4. He has so many great ideas. I especially like the T-chart. I don't have access to an ipad, but I can write the lessons now using my resources and put in a note for how to use technology. Then when the day comes I'll be ready.