Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fifth Graders' Animoto: Classroom Vision

Mrs. Ripp, a 5th grade teacher from Wisconsin, is the brains behind the Global Read Aloud. She also has several blogs, and her students blog with KidBlog.

Here's an Animoto that her students recently produced and that Mrs. Ripp posed on two of her blogs:


Mrs. Ripp also invites others to post comments on her students' KidBlog: Mrs. Ripp's Class 

To get students ready for blogging, Mrs. Ripp introduces a paper blogging project, where students practice writing comments to one another's writing using paper and sticky notes. Here are two pictures she posted on Twitter showing her 5th graders doing paperblogs.

If you're looking for some fresh ideas to implement with students or ways to communicate with parents, scroll around Pernille's professional and parent blog. Also, search through her students' KidBlog, and leave them some comments.

To access each of the blogs, click on the images.

Professional Blog:

Parent Blog:

Mrs. Ripp's Class KidBlog

What ideas for implementation in the classroom did you get from flipping through Mrs. Ripp's blogs or her students' bog?


  1. I have spoken with a colleague of mine on the fourth grade and we have decided to faciliate animoto videos for our classes. We are scheduled to receive laptops in our classrooms shortly. We both feel that our classes would enjoy the activity. We are going to have the videos focus on topics from science and social studies.

  2. I am going to share this powerful Animoto Project with my son's fourth grade class. I feel that it speaks volume on how a class must stay strong and support each other. This is a great tool to show to parents on how everyone should act at all times and how their children can work together to stress their important facts and feelings.