Saturday, February 23, 2013

Using the iPad with Free Applications in the Classroom

A colleague, fifth-grade teacher Monica Burns, just tweeted a link to an excellent and comprehensive slide show archived in SlideShare that addresses the many ways in which the iPad can be used in the classroom. All of the ideas presented use free applications. In addition, I also want to point out the beauty of a site like SlideShare, which is an excellent site for storing slide presentations, finding slide presentations, and networking with others to share presentations.

Although this presentation is long, if you do use iPads in your teaching or are at a stage right now of exploring the options, it is worth going through the entire presentation. Numerous applications covered also can be used on a regular computer, so there is a lot to gain from viewing the presentation.

After viewing the presentation, please come back and comment on what you found useful and what you plan to explore further or are already using.


  1. Just the other day, I brought the iPads into my classroom for my students to use. Although they were working in groups, each student was given the chance to use an iPad. Their reactions truly showed how much they enjoyed the integration of technology within the lesson. For our activity, students worked with their partners on creating a newscast with facts about their favorite planet. With just the use of the video camera, each student produced a life-like newscast coming straight from News Channel 20 in Room 20! As great as the newscasts came out, I wanted to share the projects with the students. I've been searching for an app that might allow me combine all of the newscasts, but haven't quite found a good enough app...any suggestions?

  2. There are so many great IPAD apps for the classroom. The ones that I saw in your slideshow video which I thought would be most are: vimeo, read alouds and moth games. I think that kindergarten students would be able to use these apps on their own.

  3. I have used alot of the technology mentioned during whole class instruction since we do not have ipads. I have frequently used Brainpop in my lower level classes and all my levels enjoy ted talks and gets them thinking in terms of their own life. I searched around on slideshare and found a presentation on teaching finances in classes, which I have often thought about. I hope that more districts start to include this type of math soon so that our students can learn about debt and budgeting.