Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Haven't Joined the Global Read Aloud Yet: What Are You Waiting For?

No matter what grade you teach, there's something for you and your students to gain from the Global Read Aloud.

We all believe in the importance of developing a love of reading in children today, starting from a young age. We also like to hear a good story read aloud.

Join the Global Read Aloud held each fall. It starts at just the right time of the year to get your students on board. With a month into the school year and routines established, the Global Read Aloud starts at just the right time to introduce a new concept into the classroom.

Check out the selections for the fall.

Regardless of the grade you teach, Peter Reynold's illustrated books are a win. I've used his books with graduate students, watched as the book was read to young children, and participated and watched Skypes in which children from around the world discussed his book The Dot.

Image credit: http://bit.ly/SqOjT7

Happy to see he is one of the features authors for next year.

Not to spoil the fun, check the selections from Pernille Ripp's Global Read Aloud blog. Recently, she posted

The Top 10 Reasons to Join Global Read Aloud

And more recently, she created this post, "Why The Global Read Matters," showing how this project through books has connected children globally.



  1. Thank you for sharing about the global read aloud again! I want to participate, but have gotten so distracted with all the end of the year paperwork I completely forgot to make a note to myself about registering. It sounds like such a great opportunity for students of all ages, levels, cultures, languages, and backgrounds to connect with one another. I will definitely participate with all my students.

  2. I have already started receiving emails from participants of the Global Read Aloud! I am really excited and I am planning on sharing this project with my colleagues at our day long PD on Friday.

  3. I agree with Rachel, thanks for posting more information on this! I intend to sign up my class for the fall and purchase the book over the summer!

    1. I am having a hard time finding which book is best for young elementary (kindergarten).

  4. This is another project I will start by next fall. I'm going to play around with it during the break. I think my students cannot wait to hear what others think of the book we are reading and to connect with others.

  5. I agree with Rachel about needing to register for this as soon as possible! With the end of the year business I wasn't able to get my students involved but I plan to next year! It's so good for them to realize what's happening outside our four walls and make connections!

  6. It's so ironic, I was just talking to my principal today about the idea of developing a school wide book club where all the students K-5 would read the same book (obviously at different levels) and then students would interact with each other at different levels with different activities to discuss the book. While I think we will still try to implement this initiative, I totally like the idea of doing the Global Read Aloud with my students. Like everyone else I have been totally busy with the year end craziness and haven't signed up yet but plan to. I think my students would enjoy connecting to people outside of the school on a book in common. I need to start a detailed list of all of the digital tools I want to implement next year!