Saturday, May 31, 2014

Watch These Cute Kids React to Older Technolgy: How Far We Have Come

This video speaks for itself, so watch and enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment.


  1. I love seeing their expressions to the technology that I remember growing up with! It's so fun to look at how far we have come with technology! As one little girl said "It's mind-blowing!" Using computers is like second nature to most kids these days. Seeing older technology must be shocking. The instant gratification that kids are used to expecting is so much different from the multi-step technology that once was. Just imagine what technology will look like in 50 years from now...

    Also, their vocabulary regarding the technology is amazing to me. I was astounded when one child used the word pixels correctly!

  2. "That doesn't make sense to me!" a little girl stated about the "older" technology. The sad part is I can remember technology "back then". Wow, we've come so far! As one of the kids stated, "technology today is AWESOME!" I agree and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to see technology develop in ways I never knew possible. For example, at the bank I can cash a check via technological abilities and can simply look into a "machine" at the optometrist and instantly have my eyes examined. I was impressed that the kids on the clip were able to discuss the specific attributes that the older technologies were missing. I don't ever remember being so savvy about technology as a child. Personally, I am always so impressed by my 5 year olds abilities to navigate many technologies. I can only imagine what technology will look like when my son is ready for college.

  3. What a cute video! It is amazing to see their reaction to no internet and no google! Even I can't imagine living without internet and google, and I didn't have it when I was little. Imagine how strange it must feel for them. I remember my first computer having floppy discs, and I had to type a:\ to access the a drive so that I could play a game!
    While it is adorable, it is also amazing to see how far we have come with technology. I wonder how these kids would react to our first cell phones!