Saturday, February 2, 2013

Do You Want to Share a Pinterest Board?

Sharing is caring, so if you have a Pinterest account where you have created boards with resources for learning, would you consider letting us know? Just post the URL in the comment section.

While reading through blog post responses, I came across a link to an excellent board with resources for teaching in the lower elementary grades. Here is a screen capture of that board.

It seems many of you already have a Pinterest account, and as teachers, let's assume you have considered pinning school resources.

Although I am  an avid Diigo fan, I also use Pinterest. I am also posting a link to my account. This account is used only for educational resources. I hope you find something there that you can use.

Click on the image to get to my boards. Happy pinning! If you don't use Pinterest, perhaps you can share why. And if you do, remember, sharing is caring. Post what you generously want to share in the comments by copying and pasting the URL for pertinent boards.  Thanks again.


  1. I use Pinterest, sparingly. By sparingly I mean, I only go on when I have an unlimited amount of time to search. I find so many great ideas for school, as well as craft ideas, books to read, recipes to make, and so on that I often loose track of time. Many of the pins have brought me to teachers blogs but I never left a comment. Since taking this class I think I will be more interactive and "talk" to the teachers that inspire me!

  2. That is so funny! I knew right away that was my board! I didn't want to add the Valentine's popcorn to my School board, but I had itchy fingers! I am glad that you like my board! I would ideally like to keep a separate Pinterest account for school from my personal interests. I want to re-organize the pins under specific titles: math, reading, content literacy, etc.

  3. My Pinterest account is not as organized as I would like for it to be, but I have found a lot of useful teaching ideas and suggestions! I especially love seeing pictures of teachers' anchor charts. Here is the link to my "For the Classroom" board:

  4. This post helped renew my desire to use Pinterest. Since I've read your post, I have spent time searching through their educational boards and saving great ideas. I have also come across some amazing blogs because of it. One of my favorites is Step into Second Grade.