Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blogging in the Elementary School Classroom

I found a link to this great YouTube video on "Blogging in the Elementary Classroom" while reading Lesley's blog, Teaching in Heels, and just had to share it. I appreciate that Lesley posted this video. Check her blog for other valuable resources.

The video captures teachers and students speaking about the value of blogging. I like that the teachers also address how blogging promotes literacy skills. After all, we should be first figuring out our goals and not just implementing tech for the sake of tech. The real goal is to expand students' literacy skills.

Let me know if this video gives you ideas for expanding students' literacy skills. For those who teach young learners, who might be too young to blog, does the video give you other ideas for how you might promote students' engagement in the literacy process in other ways?

Additionally, today a principal I follow on Twitter put up a link to blog post that Karen Lirenman wrote in which she embedded a video about how she uses blogging in her first grade classroom: "Blogging in Grade One". Karen's blog, Sharing and Learning with Ms. Lirenman, is an excellent one to follow. I am embedding the video she posted here.

After viewing her video, share what ideas you gained from her presentation. As always, comments are welcomed. How are you feeling about blogging as a professional, as a teacher, or with students? What advantages are you seeing in students blogging?


  1. That was a great video on the benefits of blogging in the classroom. Thanks, Lesley! I do agree that it is beneficial on so many fronts in the world of teaching literacy. First, and foremost, students cant wait to use technology and love the act of typing and pushing buttons. This alone makes blogging in the classroom a hit with students. As they blog, respond to blogs, they are practicing the skills of a good writer and thinking critically as they respond. So many benefits....but, the biggest I would say is the fact that they are eager to use technology and to learn with it.

  2. I agree! That was a great video. It's helpful to hear from teachers using blogging on a regular basis. To take the idea of writing about a book further. I can have students extend their thinking and force them to "prove" their statements. Accountable talk is a huge push in our school and I think this is a great way to have other students search responses for appropriate support. I would be interested to see a teacher discussing the ups and downs of implementing blogs in the classroom. How do they manage it? When is it done?

  3. My comments after washing a video on using blogging in an Elementary School as a communicaton and collaboration tool to increase literacy can be effective. It will however takes a lot of time and parental
    support.The teacher would have to have the required previous Knowledge of IT. It could expand and promote Students literacy skills.
    students literacy skills