Sunday, January 20, 2013

Smartboard and Smart Notes Info

I recently came across two excellent posts on a blog about use of the Smartboard and some interactive activities in Smart Notes should you have that installed. Here are links to find the information:

Let us know if these two posts are helpful to you, and share any other ideas you have for using the Smartboard and activities on it that you find helpful to student learning. 

Thanks to Jen Deyenberg for posting this information on her blog.


  1. Thanks Judy. I have a SmartBoard in my classroom which is very underutilized. The helpful tips on SmartBoard notes has given me some good ideas.

  2. I recently upgraded from a mobile SmartBoard to a permanent SmartBoard in my classroom, and I love it. I use it every class, at minimum for their daily "do now" activity. I've recently started typing up all my notes in Smart Notebook, which I'm finding extremely helpful. Not only do I have my notes already typed out and explained, but I can create built-in practice activities for students to practice the concept I am teaching. I can also upload my notes to my website and students can access them from home.

  3. This is great! Thanks. This is my first year using a smartboard with my class. I am really love it, and enjoying learning something new everyday. Thanks again for the info.

  4. I will be joining a classroom with a SmartBoard in just a few weeks, so I have to brush up on my implementation strategies! I think these links will prove to be very helpful...Out of curiosity, are you familiar with Triptico? It's a FREE desktop app for educators that enables interactive and customized resources which can be used on the SmartBoard, or on a typical computer. If you're interested, check out Triptico here: