Sunday, January 20, 2013

Need Photos for Your Blog Posts

Check Flickr's Creative Commons to find photos you can freely use on your blog according to the licensing restrictions. Some are free to use unaltered, whereas other can be altered. For most you need to attribute the source, and Flickr makes this easy. If you already have a Flickr account, and want to stockpile photos to use in the future, you can save them as favorites or in a gallery. You don't need a Flickr account, however, if you just want to grab some photos occasionally. Simply use the Flickr Creative Commons to get what you want on as needed basis.

Recently. Flickr wrote a post celebrating the 5th Anniversary of its Flickr Commons. Check the post for information on how to use the Commons to find photos. Here is an example of a photo I found there today that struck me of interest simply because it's eye catching. I used the embed code to place both the photo and attribution easily into this blog post.

cc licensed ( ) flickr photo shared by National Maritime Museum

Here is a photo that I found that spoke to my teaching philosophy especially when bringing technology into the classroom.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by gcouros

Here is what the attribution boxes look like in Flickr for photos that can be shared with attribution. You have two choices.

  • Method 1: copy the embed code (Attribution HTML), which will copy both the picture and the attribution into HTML screen (see the html option in the Blogger toolbar) 
  • Method 2: Copy the attribution information (Attribution Text), which you can then simply copy in your blog after you have inserted the photo that you have downloaded and inserted. 
Illustrations below: Attribution (HTML) or Attribution (text)


  1. I could get lost at the Flickr Commons!It's a lending library for photos.I can see using this site in many different ways.Not only to add a picture to my blog but in the classroom as a springboard for writing a descriptive sentence or paragraph, highlighting a historical story.I especially liked the picture of Rosie the Riveter. It was taken in 1943 but it looks as if it was taken today.

  2. I'm so glad I clicked on this link. It is going to help me create much more eye-catching graphics and photos for my blogs. No more searching Google images over and over... Thanks!

  3. Whoo-hoo, this will be a great help enlivening my blog! As Mari Beth said, you could get lost on that site forever.


  4. This is amazing! The Flickr Commons is a great place to find photos quickly, and there is a wide variety depending on what you need. This is a great tool for making a blog more appealing. I also like Mari Beth's idea of using a picture as a springboard for students.

  5. This site is very useful and I never knew it existed. I am going to keep looking through it and hopefully pull some things for my blog and maybe class lessons.