Friday, February 17, 2012

Variety of Digital Storytelling Tools

Image: Flickr, laurensimon1
What digital storytelling tools have you used? Look through the list below, as well as think of others.

Below is list from Melissa Comte, an undergraduate education student at The University of Regina in Alberta, Canada.  I've been following her blog, and caught her Tech Task # 6  post with this list.

Melissa selected Google Search Story to try because "it is easy" and creates "a story in an interesting way." She also likes Dippity and Five Card Flickr.

Here's her Google Search Story about her dream to go to Spain and teach English classes there.

Here is a list of the digital story tools that professor, Alec Couros, offered the class:
  • Google Search Stories--easy to create stories based on Google searches
  • Flcky--generates random 5-photo stories
  • VoiceThread--group conversation tool
  • TooDoo--easy carton creator
  • Pixton--another popular cartoon creator
  • Glogster--for creating online multimedia posters
  • Wayfaring--for creating personalizes maps
  • Flickr--various ideas include 5 frame stories, 6 word stories, pictures with stories
  • Blabberize--a strange storytelling tool
  • Animoto--alternative to slide shows (sign up for the fuller-functioned Ed. account)
  • extraNormal--"if you can type, you can make movies"
  • Prezi--another slide show site, known for its zoom feature
  • Zooburst--digital pop-out books
  • Ahead--impressive zooming presentations
  • Dipidity--creative interactive timelines
  • Sketchcast--draw and record audio instantly
  • Fotobabble--creating talking photos
  • Jog the Web--create web tours
  • Bitstrips--comic maker
  • GoAnimate--make easy cartoons and animations
  • Storybird--create short, art-inspired stories
  • MapSkip--create stories around places
For more information specifically about how Google Search Story Creator can be implemented in the classroom setting, check this blog post: Tool Review: Google Search Story Creator.

Which of the tools listed above have you used? Would you recommend this tool to others? How can the tool be used to promote literacy?

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