Saturday, April 4, 2015

Twitter, Reaching More Educators Than Ever

A popular use of Twitter is to join and share with educators in weekly chats. Apparently, these have become so popular that they have also gotten competitive. Recently, I came across this blog post.

Edu Tech Stories: EdChats... Getting Competitive?

I dipped into to see what the author had to say about the competitiveness of Twitter chats and was not surprised. Each night, there is a multitude of chats to join, many at the same time, making it difficult to choose one.

Wondering what chats others find popular and of value on Twitter. The ones I join regularly are TeacherEdChat, at #teacheredchat, well, because I am one of the organizers and need to be online each Monday to help out the guest moderators and then to archive the chats at our website: Teacher Ed Chat on Twitter.

I also like to check into some state chats such as the California one, which obviously gets crowded and fast-paced, given the size of the state, and number of educators there as well as others that join from other places. California Ed Chat also has its own site and does a good job of it. Check out the chat's Profile on Twitter.

In addition, I have recently joined the Sunday night Read4Fun chat, and even though I'm not one of the organizers, I frequently archive the chats, which can be found on the chat's website:  #Read4Fun

Although I have named just three chats I join, there are plenty others, and my picks vary by week and topic. A good Twitter chat leaves me with a wealth of resources to check out and with colleagues to connect with both through Twitter and other connected means including Voxer groups, but Voxer chat groups is a topic for another post.

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