Friday, August 22, 2014

Tech Across the Curriculum

As September draws near, I am not teaching an educational technology course, but that doesn't mean I'm not using tech.  I am a true believer in tech integration across the curriculum.

Here are some of the ways I'll be using tech :

1) All course materials are on a Google Site.

2) A variety of Google Apps including:

3) Excited to add Google Communities to the mix for sharing and discussion:

4) Dropbox as a cloud storage option, though Google Docs is emphasized for sharing work in-progress for peer and instructor commenting.

5) For assistance in archiving scholarly research articles, we'll use,

with an emphasis on using Chrome as a browser and adding the Diigo extension for quick bookmarking, annotating, and organizing sources by categories.

6) For the adventuresome, explore other archiving and organizing apps like: 

7) For tutorial screencasts, my go-to is Camtasia, shared via YouTube and inserted on the course Google Site. And Jing, another TechSmith favorite, for screen captures with annotations. Here's a screencast for introducing how to access the university's online databases from off-campus.

8) To add entertainment: apps like PowToon and GoAnimate. Here's one Powtoon created last time I taught the course and used to announce the set up for the final class.

9) Easy apps like Animoto, as seen in this recap of the topics students selected for their research proposals.

9) YouTube offers a wealth of entertaining videos to spice up the course and break down difficult textbook concepts. Two examples follow, one created with a much-missed app, XtraNormal, but the original is still on YouTube.

And I just found this one on YouTube that uses Powtoon:

When class time is tight, my Playlist on YouTube is handy for finding what I need and resorting to the "flipped classroom model." The videos will be posted in the class Google Community for viewing and discussion beyond class time.

10) A tool like TodaysMeet introduces the possibility of backchanneling during a class presentation.

11) For those students who can't make a class or to bring a guest speaker in, Google Hangouts will enable online conferencing. Hangouts will also work for online office hours.

What tools do you use for conducting educational research? What videos have you found on YouTube or other video or presentation sites that work in an educational research course?

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  1. So much fun stuff here! In the classes I teach I don't want the students to feel overwhelmed with technology (although it IS an online class... so tools for communicating and connecting are very important) - all the students use Blogger and Google Sites, and for the students who want to do more, I keep this list of extra credit Tech Tips ... and I am glad to say that MANY of the students are eager to try new tools... as well as giving me ideas for new tools I can add to the list!