Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Looking for Some Book Read Alouds for Young Children

A professional colleague in the language arts area recommended the StoryTimeMomShy channel on YouTube.


My colleague noted her kindergarten child has been glued to the read-alouds. What a wonderful way to develop a love of literature in young children.

I am embedding some of the stories for you to preview, but recommend going to the StoryTimeMomShy YouTube site to see all the stories available, and expect more will be added. 

You can also check out StoryTimeMom's website for more information:

Do these read-alouds look like something you would use in the classroom or recommend to parents? I am new to  StoryTimeMomShy channel, but subscribed, so I am ready to recommend it to parents and teachers when they seek a source of read-aloud sites.

Let me know what you think. Have you heard of StoryTimeMomShy? Do you know of children who watch the read-alouds on the channel? Where do you go to find online read-alouds for young children?

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  1. I really enjoy this site and others like it for read alouds. I generally use storylineonline.net or I will just type a book into youtube and find a read aloud version of it. In my school we read stories multiple times for different purposes throughout the week (repeated read alouds). I find that on the third read aloud of a book, if I play a video of it the kids are very engaged as it is a different voice they are listening to.
    I also use sites like these for a listening center. In the "old days" kids would plug in head phones to a tape player and listen to books on tape, but this is a much more fun and cheaper way of having multiple students listen to a story at once!
    Great find!