Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Looking for Ideas for Using Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter is gaining increasing popularity as a classroom teaching and learning tool. I posted this graphic on Twitter about a week ago, and it has been retweeted and marked as "favorites" more than 50 times and still counting.

Last fall I did a presentation for The National Council of Teachers of English on using "Twitter in the Classroom." Click on the image to access a slide show created for the presentation.

Click on the image to view the slide 

In addition, I gathered illustrative tweets using Storify. Click on the image below to find the Storify, "Twitter in Language Arts and English Class."


This presentation was followed by a workshop in which attendees used Twitter to chat about its role in the classroom. For this workshop, my co-presenters and I began by reviewing the logistics of using Twitter, walking newbies through the steps visually via a slide show. 

Materials that I used for the workshop were placed on a website. Click on the two images below first to access the web page and then to find the slide show in the format of a Google Slide presentation.

Web Page

Slide Show

While presenting the workshop, attendees and presenters also tweeted using both the conference and the workshop hashtag. Our tweets can be found in a Storify, accessible by clicking on the image below.

As a fan of Twitter, I am always looking for others' ideas about how to use this powerful networking tool in the classroom. If you have suggestions, please leave a reply. For those not on board, are you at least curious?

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