Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blogging Tips

Savanna chimpanzee in the office / Pan troglodytes
Blogging is for everyone - but there are some pitfalls. Photograph: Juniors Bildarchiv/Alamy
Yes, this picture grabbed my attention, but the post's title is what really caught by eye: Top 10 Don't for Wannable Teacher Bloggers . 

Check the post for some motivation to get going with blogging. 

Which advice in the post do you find the most helpful?


  1. Great link Judy. The point that made the most sense to me was:"Don't write too much or too little; if it starts feeling like an essay, stop. Short and punchy is better than long and drawn-out, unless you have a lot of material. I have trouble with this myself! In truth, a lot of people won't read it all anyway... but they might not come back if there isn't much substance." It's all about substance and content; not the pretty bells and whistles.

  2. A great article, with lots of helpful tips for us newbies. I tend to go on and on, so that 'short and punchy' advice is very helpful. Also, the suggestion of self-promotion on Twitter is something I never thought about. I put it on Diigo so I could reference it at will.