Friday, January 25, 2013

Our Digital Dossier: The World We Live In

  • What does it mean to grow up today in a world where much of one's life is captured digitally? 
  • Watch this video of a hypothetical person, Andy, from embryo onwards. 
  • What thoughts does the video leave you with?


  1. The Digital Dossier reminds me of the movie "Truman" with Jim Carey-a man is followed from conception to adulthood for a television show he has no idea he is part of. How much of a difference is there? In today's world anyone who uses technology leaves a digital footprint.What happens to all of this information? It makes me nervous of what is "out there" about me!

  2. Wow! What a compelling video. This is a great example (using the human life cycle) to show how we leave a digital footprint. I have seen a lot of videos on this topic and this is the best one. The world is a very different place today because of technology. I think it is “curse and a blessing”. Information about each one of us is out there for anyone to view. The point of the video is all of leave a digital footprint whether we know it or not. Information is either created or posted by people and follows us all the way through life for anyone to view. After watching the video it really puts the term “leaving a digital footprint” in perspective. I think that all of us need to be educated and promote awareness on this topic.

  3. This video was very interesting! While I was aware of digital foot prints and try to be very careful myself while online there are the things you do think about ex: being filmed on security cameras etc. There are so many things that go into creating a digital foot print, that it is sometimes hard to wrap your mind around. This video was helpful with putting it all in perspective from the time of birth, and I agree with Frank there should definitely be some awareness surrounding this topic because not all adolescents understand the importance of something like this and how it can impact their futures.