Friday, October 4, 2013

The Sights and Sounds of Autumn

I found this video on Richard Byrnes' blog, Free Technology for Teachers. At this time of the year, and living in New England, consider sharing the video with students. The original video was on The Adventure Blog and posted with the title, "The Colors of Autumn."

Autumn from Thomas Rasel on Vimeo.

Perhaps the video will motivate students to create their own projects centered on the change of seasons, or in particular the fall season. Do you do specific projects in your classroom that celebrate the autumn season?

Byrne also created a blog post, "Autumn Magic: The Colors of Fall", with a variety of resources for teaching about the seasons.

Some of these resources included:

Autumn Stars and Patterns ( a video from PBS)
Fall Foliage Colors (Why Do Leaves Change Colors)

Here is a video Why Do Leaves Change Colors:

What do you do in your teaching that addresses the fall season? Have you found books, online resources, videos, and other materials that students particularly enjoy as we celebrate the change of seasons in New England or other regions of the world? Have you considered creating a book or video with your students to celebrate the fall season, including the holidays of Halloweeen, Veteran's Day, or Thanksgiving?

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  1. We do a lot with the 5 sense...apples, pumpkins, cranberries, etc. Now with full-time kindergarten, we have the time to make applesauce, carve a pumpkin - cook the seeds, and make cranberry sauce. Then we will explore our senses and post our learning online for parents to see. I'll probably use animoto to do this.