Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More on Digital Storytelling

Check out these slides from Lynn Hilt. They outline the value, process, and some tools for digital storytelling. They also point to the value of implementing digital storytelling in the elementary school classroom, but the principles are universal. We all love to tell a story. Digital storytelling just makes it easier and more seamless to share those stories using contemporary tools.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Lyn Hilt's presentation on digital storytelling. Viewing the slides helped give me a better understanding of what digital storytelling is, how to be a digital storyteller, and also how to use digital storytelling in the classroom. One thing I realized while reading the information is we are all storytellers because we tell stories every day. We communicate with others by telling them stories of what happened the night before or over the weekend. We tell a story when we want to share good news or bad news. We are always telling stories. Therefore, it seems very fitting to take this natural process and make it into a valuable learning experience. Using technology, students are able to write, create and bring to life an original story to share with others. What I liked best about Hilt’s presentation is that she demonstrated how it digital storytelling still includes all aspects of the writing process, including revisions and peer reviews. Often times I feel that students are not as strong at revising or peer editing as they could be, but I anticipate that watching the story unfold before their eyes will help them to see that some parts are confusing and need reworking, or the end of the story provides no resolution to the problem. It seems as if there are many benefits to digital storytelling, and I can't wait to try it out in my classroom next year!