Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Follow-Up to Google Hangout with Kathy Cassidy: Learn More about Her Classroom

Kathy Cassidy recently posted a feature article for Powerful Learning Practice. You can find the article via this link:

A Year of 1-to-1 in Grade One

In the post, Kathy talks a lot about student engagement, differentiation, and student motivation to share. Check the post for the details.

If you could as a teacher enter a similar contest to the one that Kathy entered through Best Buy, and which she describes in the post, what would you wish to have in your classroom or for your students?

The post also has a link to a recent article Kathy published in the International Reading Association publication, Reading Today Online. Here's a link to access that article:

What's your reaction to some of the projects Kathy is doing with her students? Now that we have read her book and communicated with her online in a Google Hangout, how has she inspired you to take leaps in your own teaching?

Image source: http://bit.ly/1bF9Yzv

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