Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Teacher Motivation and the Start of the School Year

Justin Tarte, Director of Curriculum and Support Services for the St. Louis, MO schools created this slide show presentation and uploaded it as a video to YouTube. He used it for the opening of the school year, and since he posted a link to it on Twitter, others have asked permission to use it. YouTube rights show the video can be shared, so here it is, and let me know what you think. What do you think are effective ways for school administrators to open the school year?


On another note, a Texas school district superintendent creates live videos to share with the public and posts them to YouTube. Here is the opening video he used last year, and just wondering what you think of school superintendent's using social media to communicate with the public in this way.


  1. The YouTube Slideshow is very inspiring for educators. Teachers teach to make a difference. I liked the quote where it states "what do you want to be remembered for" as a teacher.

  2. I think the YouTube video is an effective way for a school administrator to open the school year. Teachers need to be motivated (especially coming back after summer vacation) and sometimes a little reminder of the importance of the job we hold as educators is the perfect prescription to kick off a great school year. Taking time to reflect on everything that goes into our jobs makes you realize the important role you truly play in the lives of children and society as a whole.

  3. Videos are a great tool to provide inspiration at the beginning of the school year. I have seen some videos that aren't quite put together well. This one was nicely done as an inspirational overview.

    The Superintendent's message was also nicely done. It was informative and informational, which is what parents and families need. Again, there may be instances where administrators use videos, but in an ineffective way.

  4. Using a youtube video is a great way to start the new school year. It is an important way to promote school spirit, school culture and climate and set the tone for the new school year. At my school, the entire faculty and staff greet the school buses as they pull in. As the children get off the buses each child is given a lei. Leis represent a greeting and acknowledgement of importance to the school. All the teachers and staff where them. We all file into the gym to be introduced to new students, hear a greeting and message from the principal, and the highlight is watching a powerpoint of photos of all the students from the previous year set to music. The students love it!