Monday, September 23, 2013

Learning to Use VoiceThread in EDUC584

This is a practice VoiceThread we created in EDUC584, spring 2012. That semester, we Skyped with authors and a few teachers. We photographed and video recorded the sessions. We used pictures from our Skype sessions to create this practice VoiceThread. This one was used just to demonstrate how the site works and is not intended as a finished product. The VoiceThread is being embedded, but following it are hyperlinks to VoiceThreads that teachers taking EDUC584 created for use in the classroom or with their students.

This link goes to a VoiceThread a teacher created in which her students do the voice recordings.

Ms. Field's First Grade Animal VoiceThread

This one was created by a teacher to tell students about herself at the beginning of the school year.

Jamee Introduces Herself to Her Students

Maribeth's VoiceThread with Her Students' Drawings (Pre-School)

How might you consider using VoiceThread in your own teaching? The site has some samples for review, so you can also check those for ideas. Here is a link to some that I saved for reference.

The site also showcases VoiceThreads on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

Here's a link to those showcased this past month.
Here's a link to ones showcased during a week.
Last, these VoiceThreads were showcased on a specific day.

Overall, what is your impression of this tool, which can be used on computers, tablets, and even phones? What ideas do you have for using VoiceThread with students?


  1. The Voice Thread seam like a lot of fun because the kids could hear their own narrative voice. Having many ESL students in my class, I could use this tool for the pronunciation of vocabulary words. I will introduce the words in written form, then the kids could go home and here the my voice pronouncing the words and in return, they could here their voice reading the words as well which will help them practice for the quiz at the end of the week.

  2. I am also very impressed with the simplicity of using Voice Thread, and the many ways it can be used in the classroom. Juan, I think your idea is excellent because they can really hear their own pronunciation as well as compare that to an example of the correct pronunciation.

    I am using voice thread for my Literacy Project, which will be students reading one of their poems as a picture of it is up for the students and parents to see. This new knowledge of Voice Thread came at just the right time, because I actually have a fifth grader who cannot read. He created his poetry orally as I wrote it down for him, and then he used my written version to type the poems. For our end of the year literacy celebration on Thursday, I have in the past, had students come up and read one of their poems for the parents and other students. However, some students read their poems to slow, too fast or too soft, and they do not provide a true representation of their reading or writing ability. I was especially worried about this one student in particualr, who is fine with having someone read him what to say quietly and then repeat it in front of our class, but know he would be too anxious to do that in front of parents. Using voice thread, he will repeat his poem after I very quietly read it to him, and that way, his poetry presentation will be just like all the other students. We are recording today, so wish us luck!