Friday, August 30, 2013

The Ten Most Popular Teaching Tools Being Used this Year

Edudemic, a popular media outlet for news about tech in the classroom, just published a post "The 10 Most Popular Teaching Tools Being Used This Year." As you reflect on the year ahead and read the description of each, which do you plan to use and which might you consider? What are your reasons? This post might be worth bookmarking for reference to discuss with other educators as you engage in conversations with them about what tech tools they find the most helpful for their professional work and teaching.

Note the caption under the story's feature picture reminds us of how much the educational professional has changed over time. 


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  2. This article makes it clear the role technology has and continues to play in the classroom. Where I struggle and maybe it is due to a lack of knowledge, is how to incorporate these things into my Kindergarten classroom. I have technology in my classroom that I haven't been fully trained to use but am expected to use. I would be more inclined to use the technology if I was properly trained.
    -Jill Raffone

  3. I like to see Google Apps at the top of the list. My district has gone full speed with transferring all our documents onto Google Docs. It is really useful for sharing documents between buildings. It is also a helpful tool to facilitate better communication between the regular education and special education teachers for planning purposes.