Monday, April 8, 2013

Looking for an Easy to Use Web 2.0 Tool to Motivate Students

Take a look at Voki, a program that let's you customize an avatar and then make it speak by either recording your own voice or typing in text and allowing one of the built-in voices in the program to speak your words. The program has all kinds of applications, and it's enjoyed by both students and teachers alike. In fact, you need not be a student or teacher to use the program. Anyone with a message to convey can put words to action by using this avatar program.

Vokis can be embedded in blog posts and websites and shared via email and in many other ways. Recently, I read a blog post, "Have You Used Voki with Your Students Yet?" The answer for me is yes: I have used it in a variety of ways including posting one right here in this blog's sidebar encouraging visitors to post a comment.

So if you're looking for an easy-to-use, entertaining Web 2.0 tool that can serve multiple purposes, be sure to check out Voki.

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  1. I love Voki! It like all the features that it provides. Students of all ages will enjoy creating messages that pertain to their subject area. Some of the lessons that the primary teachers are using Voki for are a great way to teach students about technology. I already have several ideas to incorporate this into a workshop I am doing on Digital Footprints with adult learners.

  2. Voki is an amazing too!!! I am thrilled to begin to make good use of its many interactive tools. The website is very user friendly, it provides many tutorials about how to navigate the different uses of Voki. I like how it can be used for formal explicit teaching and for students to create and have fun with! Moving forward, I plan to find a way to incorporate Voki into my literacy project for my graduate course.