Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Excellent Model of How One Connecticut School System is Using Tech

If a picture could talk, this one will give you an idea of what is ticking in one local school system in Connecticut. To find out more, visit the website by clicking on the image below. Explore around the site and blog postings, and come back here to leave a comment about your reaction to what you found and insights you developed.

Interestingly, the most recent post is about the use of Twitter. If you check the site after new posts appear, here is a direct link to the Twitter posting. Just wondering why more of are not using Twitter. Let me know. Click on the image if you need to get directly to the post if it does not show up as the first post when you visit the Regional District 13 site.

No sooner did I post this and return to Twitter to let Michelle know I directed you to her site, another Connecticut person I follow on Twitter popped up with a link to her website, so here is another model for you to explore. Click on the link to find out more, and also notice again how the teacher is using Twitter in her post about that. Click on the image to visit Mrs. Petroski's Class site. 

So now that you have explored sites by two local educators and seen how they are using both Weebly and Twitter, what's your response to the use of these tools? How do you think the student and parent audiences are being affected by these sites.

Michelle, author of the first website I directed you, has invited you to write comments on any of her posts. She will share what you write with the students. Thanks. 

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