Monday, April 15, 2013

Amazing Use of LiveBinder to Showcase Students' Web 2.0 Projects

Just caught this excellent LiveBinder that catalogues middle school students' use of Web 2.0 tools including Animoto, Google Sites, VoiceThread and Glogster. What a wonderful way to celebrate student achievement.

Take a look, and see if you glean ideas for using LiveBinders or any of the tools featured.  Have you ever considered using a tool like LiveBinders to archive and showcase students' projects?

Here is the link to the Live Binder: Web 2.0 -- A Celebration of Student Work. Below are screenshots form the Blogging and Google Site sections.


  1. I would love to have a tool like this to showcase my student's work...however, we are not at the point of creating individual pieces using Web 2.0 tools. I'm thinking that I could use a program like like Live Binder to showcase what we've created together?? Thanks for sharing!

  2. So here I was thinking about how to use LiveBinder to organize all of my work and tools and it never crossed my mind to use it to do the same with my students work! This is definitely something that I will be looking into for the upcoming school year.