Saturday, March 9, 2013

Passionate Teachers

Wallingford, Connecticut, 8th grade social studies teacher Paul Bogush created this video. He is looking for responses from per-service teachers, teachers, and other educators. After watching the video, you can respond to him on his blog at this post, "Passion."


 What does his video suggest to you about the field of education? Do you agree with Paul's viewpoint?


  1. I very much agree with his view! The teachers that had lessons that stayed with me were either the ones that brought our minds and sometimes our bodies out of the classroom, or were so passionate about something that it made you curious to know more. I also found Spirit week and Talent shows to be interesting because you learned more about your friends and classmates, and they learned about you from the things you were passionate about. It gave the class something to talk about and ways to make connections to each other, and the classwork.

  2. There is no doubt that passion is an important ingredient in the recipe for making great teacher and an infectious learning environment. It is, however, one part of the formula. In my experience I have seen teachers with much passion and not much in the way of specific content knowledge. Passion helps with "hooking" the students nd getting their attention, but at some point after that teacher has to possess strong content knowledge or the excitement is for naught.