Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anyone Can Create Digital Stories

This short video presents a good overview of the digital story process. I like the index method for creating a storyboard or collecting ideas, but eventually I prefer to see my narration typed because reading from handwritten notes, whether I am reading them or someone else, is not as crisp as typed ones. However, if you're making digital stories with a group of students, notecards or typed notes cut out in strips for each student might work well to move the script along.


 For those using PhotoStory 3, here is a 7-minute video that incorporates the features you will need to use, including the reminder to also save your work as Project, so you can go back and edit it. Remember, if you need to download PhotoStory 3, only do so from the official Microsoft site. Other sites offering the download may be bogus and result in also downloading a virus. This is true for downloading in general, so exercise caution every time you try to download from any site.


Questions about the digital story project can be posted to our EDUC 584 Google Community which will expedite others seeing it in the event that they too have the same concern or have the answer to one of your questions.


  1. Thank you for the examples in this post. They are very helpful. I find that looking at a variety of digital story exemplars and tutorials is helping me to narrow down exactly what I want my digital story to look like.

  2. Judy, this Photo Story tutorial looks like it will prove quite helpful as I begin to tackle my project this morning. As a video-making novice, coupled by my methodical, step-by-step nature, I appreciate how Photo Story takes me through each aspect of the video making process in a way that is logical and user-friendly! As a side-note, I am an index card fiend, so I can see myself piloting the "old fashion" approach as I continue to design and revise my story board. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Two great examples of how to create a digital story. So for the process has been good. Photo Story really walks you through each step of creating the story. I was surprised how easy it was! I did find myself recording the narrations over several times until I liked the speed and tone of my voice. I will use Photo Story again for future projects because of the step by step process.

  4. Judy, thanks for introducing the digital storytelling tool! It was really fun creating a digital story. I'm sure students will like watching the stories we create, too. The tutorials you provided for Photo Story 3 were very helpful! I also liked having the digital storytelling template to organize thoughts and type up the narration for each picture. It was very helpful!