Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Powerful Video on the Effects of Bullying

Not only is this an ingenius digital story, but it also carries a powerful message.

A colleague, Susan Spellman Cann, who is a school counselor and registered psychologist, recommends that all teachers and school counselors should view this video and share it.

The creator, poet Shane Koyczan, garners 4,400 YouTube subscribers, and his video has 350,000 hits. (Maybe, you've seen it already.)

Do you think teachers should view and discuss this story? What's your reaction?


  1. Judy, what an incredibly moving digital story. The graphics, music, pacing, and narration result in a very powerful message for teachers and young adults. Too often, we hear of stories about children taking their own lives because nobody intervened...nobody saw the cruelty that was unfolding.

    I like to think that teaching is synonymous with juggling. We're more than just instructors, assessors, or managers; we're confidantes, role models, and pseudo parents. This video so beautifully captures the harsh reality of bullying and the inner turmoil that can often manifest itself in drug use and suicidal ideations. So, yes, teachers, guidance counselors, and upper middle and high school students should definitely view this video. Digital stories, particularly this one, have the power to relay raw emotion, taking what might be an intangible experience for some students and making it "real."

  2. I think this digital story is touching and would be great to show older students. It might be a little too graphic for third grade and under. Bullying is ever present where I work and is being addressed by the principal through a series of presentations presented on a monthly basis.

  3. Wow. That was an extremely moving and powerful digital story. I, myself, was able to make connections, and I believe that many of my students would be able to make connections as well. My only concern is that this digital story is SO deep, that it must be presented and discussed in a safe, open setting, where the participants are able to share their feelings and beliefs without feeling targeted or isolated. Some students who have emotional and behavioral disorders would definitely be able to connect and hopefully mend through watching this digital story. I am 100% going to pass this on to my social worker.

  4. I thought that this was an extremely moving digital story. The graphics, music, the tone of the narrator’s voice all flowed very well and made for a VERY powerful message. I definitely think this is a piece that teachers should consider showing to students to provoke conversation on a tough topic, however I do believe the tone of the video may be best received by an older audience. It may be too much for a younger student to comprehend completely. I am definitely going to incorporate this video into my class Wikki on cyber bullying I think this digital story should continue to be shared.