Friday, February 1, 2013

Little Kids, Big Potential

In browsing through blogs this week, I found a link to this video in Abbey Menard's blog post, "Whoa." I clicked on the link and recognized the name of the teacher, Mrs. Cassidy, who posted the video to YouTube in 2010. It's amazing to see what these students were doing back in 2010, not that long ago, but at a time, when many teachers were barely having their students blog, use wikis, or try Skypes.

Granted Mrs. Cassidy has considerable experience with the tech tools and has them in her classroom for students to use, but most of all, the message is that these students are communicating and learning in new ways. View the video, and take a few minutes to leave your reaction.

Thanks to Abbey for posting the link to the video. Visit her blog for other information. Busy as a Bee.


Coincidentally, just today a tweet came across my Twitter feed that linked to a recent blog post Mrs. Cassidy wrote on the Innovative Educator blog, 5 Rewards of Teaching Young Students to Blog. If you're not convinced about the power and potential of teaching young learners to blog, you might check the post. Perhaps you agree with some points and disagree with others. After checking her blog post, 5 Rewards of Teaching Young Students to Blog, let us know your thoughts. Do you see rewards in teaching young students to blog? What issues do you see in young students blogging?

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