Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do You Want to Encourage Your Students to Read More?

Pernille Ripp, a 5th grade teacher from Wisconsin and an avid blogger, shares strategies she uses with her students to engage them in the reading process. I invite you to check her blog post and to share here which ideas she offers that you would implement as well. Click on the picture to link to her post.

This image is from her blog post and attributed there and in the screen capture.
And if you want to see what her students are writing, check their KidBlog posts, to which we will be responding as an upcoming class project.

If you teach 4th through 6th grade, you also might want to connect with Mrs. Pernille to see if she would like your students to write replies on her students' posts.


  1. Hi Judy,

    What a wonderful blog post! I agree with so many things she says, especially the part about dropping books you don't like rather than run the risk of learning to hate reading. I have learned to read books along with my kids, which keeps me 'current' and I have become a fan of a number of book series, from Warriors to The 39 Clues, and they all have something good to offer -- plus it keeps me connected to my kids!


  2. I really enjoyed the blog post you linked to - some great tips for fostering a love of reading! I especially liked the idea of the "book preview". I can definitely see how reading a first chapter out loud to the class could more effectively "hook" a student than simply reading the description off the book jacket. Lots of Kindle books will let you read the first chapter for free, so you wouldn't even need to own the book that you want to preview. I can see myself using this tip in the classroom, and also at home with my nieces and nephews.