Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do You Know Your State Geography?

This video is a fun way to review state facts and could be integrated into the classroom several ways. For younger students, you could play it through once, and then replay it and pause in places for discussion. For older students, you can figure out a variety ways to use the video. If you do state projects with students, this video might give students some ideas of how they might report back on what they're learning. After watching the video, consider how this video could be implemented in the classroom. What ideas do you have? What did you think of the video?


  1. I think this video is awesome! In our school, my principal and all of us teachers have been really trying to push geography and having our kids know the difference between a city and a state. Some of our kids have no idea where the states are located. This would be great visual for them and it is appropriate for all ages.

  2. I love this video! I remember a song from my own education that taught us the states and capitals but this is much more engaging for students and I even causght myself tapping to the beat. As a geography major in conjunction with my education degree, I understand the importance in this subject are and the lack of student's spatial awareness. I remember a professor sharing that only 1/3 of all students he taught (over time) could accurately identify Mexico on a small quiz--MEXICO is a bordering country, how sad!

  3. This way of teaching is how my students like it! I would definitely show this to them. The music makes it interesting, and it is so clear. The visual is also excellent for our visual learners. I love how he captured the audience's attention by drawing the map right at the beginning. Wonderful job!