Friday, December 21, 2012

The New Digital Divide

In this recent feature article (Dec. 2012), "Bridging the New Digital Divide," from District Administration Magazine, we hear advice for school superintendents to take the lead in integrating technology into the schools. Some key points addressed include:

  • Teach students with the tools they are already use
  • Students in the most poverty-stricken schools need even more so to be introduced to the technology early on to level the playing field
  • Teachers need more guidance in the successful use of technology tools
  • Principals as well need to take on leadership roles in pushing for technology integration
  • The digital divide separates the world of education from the world of business, with the world of education behind the times
One image in the article speaks to the very last bullet point:

Read the article in full. What is your response to the assertions found in the article? With which to you agree? Which do you believe need further analysis? Where do school systems with which you are familiar fall in terms of the "new digital divide"?


  1. I completely agree with the belief that the education world is behind the business world when it comes to technology. Technology is a given in the business world and as teachers, we need to learn how to better prepare our students for successful occupations. Also, another strong point is that there are new careers associated with technology today. By exposing these jobs to our students, new motivations and curiosities could form!

    1. I agree with your point in the last two sentecnes of your post. All the more reason that technology must be used and be current in education. This will help our students so they can be properly exposed to these career paths that are technolgy focused.

  2. All aspects of the business industry are focused or related to new technology. As educators there must be more support for technology in the classrooms. The education field is going to be left behind the times if technology is not improved especailly as the post mentioned in "most poverty stricken schools". It is essential for our strudents success at all levels (elementary through college)as they prepare to enter a career path.