Monday, April 23, 2012

Using Glogster with Middle School Students

In his blog, principal Eric Sheninger from New Milford High School, NJ, has a guest post from a middle school special education who describes how she has uses Glogster to engage students in reading, writing, and critical thinking.

When asked to create a Glog of their "bucket list," after reading a book, students came up with a variety of examples. Here are a few of their examples.


  1. I am using Glogster for my Web 2.0 project so I was interested in checking out this post. There are so many ways to use Glogster to enhance/enrich your teaching in ANY subject area. I bet the students who made this had so much fun choosing images to represent their hopes and dreams and sharing them with others. The posters they created are so exciting to view and so visually appealing- They did a great job! I wonder what book they read that inspired them to create their "bucket lists"- Was it The Bucket List (like the movie) or another? I am curious...After playing around with Glogster myself this morning for a couple hours, I see how easy it really is to create a glog, so this is the perfect thing to use with students.

  2. Many of my students have used Glogster and will be using it for upcoming projects. Being unfamiliar with the program, I was interested in looking at this post. I can see why my students are so interested in it! This is just like making a poster, but by using technology. It seems like your students were really able to demonstrate their creativity using this program. I am excited to see what my students create!

  3. As a sub, I watched students use Glogster as well, and have always been impressed and amazed by the final projects it has allowed students to create - it's very easy and doesn't force them into decisions about the design that they don't want to use.