Sunday, March 11, 2012

Education Kills Creativity!

In this TED Talk, Sir Kenneth Robinson speaks about creativity, education, and the future. Listen to what he has to say. Although he notes creativity in education is at all-time need, he questions if we are addressing this need.

Do you agree that education is killing creativity? How can education better inspire and nurture creativity?


  1. Hi Judy,

    Very interesting question! I do think that creativity is taking a back burner especially with all of the testing ie benchmarks, CFA and pressure to keep up with the district pacing guides. Hopefully, students will be able to use technology to express their creativity.
    Mary Ellen

  2. Well, in my opinion education can kill creativity. I do have hope that with the change in standards teachers will feel a regained sense of flexibility with their methods in delivering instruction. The current way is stressful for ALL and does limit creativity. I've found that when students have a choice in their learning they are more vested. Michelle

  3. I totally believe education today kills creativity. The expectations for students have not inspired diverse thinking. However, the implementation of the new Common Core Standards along with performance assessments seems to explore more creativity in thinking than in the past. A new frontier is on the horizon in public education and integrating content areas with the use of technology will open the door for many students. Lea

  4. Putting aside all of the criticisms (many of which are well earned)of our educational system, creativity is one of the things that I think students in America do really well. Unfortunately it is something that cannot be measured on a standardized test and therefore as educators we must all work to build and protect spaces for creativity in our curriculum's and classrooms.